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Powered by JointStrong®

Body Iron is not just a tool. It is a complete musculoskeletal wellness and prevention solution. We pride ourselves on assisting you through every step of your recovery or continued wellness journey. To provide the best service and support for your care possible, we are proud to partner with JointStrong®, the nation's largest and only validated musculoskeletal condition service provider.

With every mobility bag comes a one-on-one telemobility call with a JointStrong® credentialed Wellness Coordinator and complete access to the JointStrong® mobile application, embedded with the outcomes from over one million patient encounters and is the only resource available in the marketplace able to provide its users:

Diagnostic Assessment

of your musculoskeletal condition to ensure the proper diagnosis of your musculoskeletal condition.

Personalized Treatment Plan

tailored to the results of your diagnostic assessment  and user-provided demographic data, level of pain and current mobility

On-Call Wellness Coaches

available at your convenience to assist with questions and concerns you in maintaining your musculoskeletal wellness.

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What our customers say 

Tamara T.

"I am a 55-year old woman who recently woke up with knee pain. There was no “event” that caused this pain. I walk about 4.5 miles every day and found it almost impossible to continue my regimen. I downloaded Body Iron’s app and after one day of following my personalized treatment program, I noticed a very big change in pain and performance! One day! After two days, I was whipping around the house and feeling a 90% improvement.

Matt S.

"Working in an office I spend most of my day sitting at my computer, JointStrong, gave me the tools I needed to deal with the pain and prevent it from coming back!"


Rhonda M

“I have experienced lower back pain for more than 30 years raising a family of 4. The Body Iron Tool took that pain away in a matter of days. It never leaves my side now!”

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