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Introduction to Body Iron

Updated: Feb 20, 2020

Sitting is the new smoking – that is the mantra in the healthcare space today.  The impact of a sedentary lifestyle on the human form is immense with MSK’s (Musculoskeletal claims) representing 2-4% of GDP.

Additionally, the medical industry has a material misdiagnosis rate ranging from 20-40+% and false treatment plans ranging from 50-70% for MSK’s.  There is a significant opportunity to get it wrong.

  • “The Institute of Medicine conducted a study on waste in the U.S. healthcare system and concluded that $750 billion, or 25% of all spending, is waste.”

  • “PwC ( PriceWaterhouseCoopers) went so far as to say that more than half of all spending adds no value……...”

David Chase, The Big Heist

Add to that the pain epidemic (seems awkward) – People need curated tools, simple protocols and professional help. (Is this a referral to pain med epidemic? Opioids?)

AT BODY IRON™ that is our goal. We customize a MOBILITY BAG with curated tools, protocols (backed with 30 years of research science) and information. These tailor-made selections are offered at a value price.

BODY IRON™ is a patented tool (Patent No. D842489) that is just that, AN IRON for the BODY.  Fascia release is critical to wellbeing, mobility, circulation and performance.  If you can iron a shirt – you can iron your body.  It’s simple.

We pair that with a BODY IRON EVAL TRIAGE CALL with Integrated Musculoskeletal Care’s certified JointStrong® healthcare clincians.  Understand that any tool is useless without information – Please invest in yourself with a personal one-on-one call with a JointStrong Tele-health clinician.  JointStrong provides MSK medical management for several of the fortune 1000 companies. – They are a market leader in properly evaluating, triaging, treating and returning people to active engagement. JointStrong's MSK treatment is unparalleled – NOTE STUDY’s

Your JointStrong Clinician will provide you with the education and understanding for your MSK issue and provide free access to the BODY IRON mobile app for life. Through this mobile app, the JointStrong clinician will direct you to protocols that aid in staying limber, mobile and as pain free as possible.

JointStrong experts will quickly assess your MSK issues and if needed, will refer you to one of their certified healthcare providers.

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